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March 27, 2010

English Bar is Top-Cheffing The Charts

Pretty soon, English Bar is going to have to change their slogan from Eat Well, Drink Better to... Eat Equally As Well As You Drink! Doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but I speak the truth! New to the English family is chef Radhika Desai--who I myself know from watching on Top Chef Season 5. All of Chicago has been talking about how Radhika will soon take over as Executive Chef at English, and thankfully the time has come. The menu is now updated with some of Radhika's special additions, which include duck confit dumplings, lobster and white truffle mac n cheese, and curry mussels while still serving up their classic dishes like the Fish and Chips, Bangers N' Mash, and my favorite: the English Crisps. My buds have been so lucky to try some of the new tasty dishes... I'll begin with the
Roasted Vegetable Sandwich. Now a veggie sandwich would honestly NEVER catch my eye... And I mean never. I like meat, plain and simple. And I DO discriminate against lone veggies. This sandwich, however, is freaking delicious! There is a wide variety of different veggies, which bumps up the flavor tenfold. But I must give credit where credit is due... The herbed goat cheese. It makes this 'wich the T-rex of veggie 'wiches. I didn't miss the meat one bit. I also had the deep fried deviled egg. Well, actually I had two. In one sitting. A starter to my starter, if you will... Anyway, they are damn good. Even if you're in there just to grab a beer, try one of these bad boys. You'll be ordering a second in no time.
On another note, I went in last Tuesday with a few girlfriends to, well, booze it up. I'm so lady-like, I know. On a serious note, it was a ridiculously fun night. English's Tuesday and Wednesday specials are killer--1/2 off bottles of wine and $5 signature martinis and cocktails. What are they, nuts!? It's like they made these specials just for me... How did they know that my favorite way to wash down sauvignon blanc is with a few St. Germain cocktails? Luckily for me, I also enjoy a nice glass of champagne, which just happens to be their special du jour on Thursdays. Ladies, can you say JACKPOT?
Moral of the Story? Ladies, join me (and Top Chef Radhika Desai!) at English on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and very possibly Thursdays too so we can "Eat Equally As Well As We Drink!"
*Photo: The fried deviled egg at English

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